Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lake to Lake Entry Fees to Increase February 1

Entry for the 2013 Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon will increase in cost for individuals on February 1, 2013 from $80 to $90. There will be no increase for relay entry fee until May 1, 2013 from $110 to $135 until the end of registration on June 16. Additionally, individual entry price will go up on May 1 to $105 and again on June 16 to $125. Race t-shirts can be reserved online at the time of registration for $10 each and extra meal tickets can also be purchased for $9.

The 1.5k swim, 30 mile bike, and 10k run will take place on June 22nd, 2013. For more information regarding the course or to register visit

Personal note: This is a local favorite. In years past the race has always gone off without a hitch because of the fabulous volunteers, mostly from local high school organizations, who receive a portion of the proceeds. The food is catered by Rainbow Restaurant, out of Fort Collins, and is well worth the $9 meal ticket for a spouse or relative that isn't racing. The day of the race in my experience is usually low to mid 70s, with little to no breeze. The swim is generally fast, some relays bring swimmers from the Loveland Swim Club that are capable of a sub-20 minute swim. The bike course keeps you honest, it's fairly hilly, although in my opinion not enough to warrant a standard or aero road bike over a tri-rig. The run is flat and very fast. Additional note: This is a national qualifying event so be prepared for some of the pros to lay down some smoking times. Last year I competed in a relay with a couple friends. One swims competitively and is looking at swimming DII in college, the other is a collegiate runner that put down the fastest time on the run leg by 1:01. We won the relay division and came in second overall to a pro who bested our time by 3:00. The competition is fierce at the higher levels, but also very relaxed and fun if you don't want to race this seriously.

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