Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Chris Lieto Special

Chris Lieto is well known in the triathlon as the über-biker in the wake of Normann Stadtler's departure from the sport in 2009 (although Sebastien Keinle threatens to unseat him). With the second fastest bike split at the Ironman World Championships, and course records in Japan and Canada, he's well known for going off the front on the bike leg and trying to hold off the likes of Pete Jacobs, Crowie, Macca, and the rest of the runners.

Now 41, Lieto is still putting the hammer down. In an interview he laid out his favorite bike workout:

-30-60 minute warm up

-2 minutes easy
-2 minutes moderate
-2 minutes fast
(to warm up the legs for effort)

-4x20 minute intervals
5 minutes slower than 70.3 pace
10 minutes at 70.3 pace
5 minutes over 70.3 pace


-4x60 minutes
10 slower than Ironman pace
20 at Ironman pace
10 over Ironman pace

~30 minute easy cool down

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