Monday, February 18, 2013

The Secret to Success

Today I flipped on the TV to check the weather, local news, etc. Instead, I found a commercial, telling me that by buying this book, I'll magically "shed fat, gain muscle, and be more attractive" and that their success is a "closely guarded secret that was revealed to us by Doctor So-and-So that studied the ____ people and learned their secret to longevity."

Give me a break. I'll let you in on the secret to success in the triathlon world, and in fact, the world at large right now, free of charge. It's called hard work. There you have it, the only thing that will ever have a truly massive impact on your training and racing results, your career, the relationships you build. Granted, there are a million small things that can have an impact on your training, such as nutrition, equipment, etc. But without hard work, those don't mean anything. Without hard work, nutrition just becomes synonymous with meals, that treadmill just becomes a piece of furniture, and those resolution 5ks you promised yourself you'd enter (wonderful grammar on my part) just become another stroll with your dog.

If you put in the work, I promise fast results! You'll lose weight, feel better, probably do a better job at attracting the opposite sex, and feel more confident. All you need to do is work hard.

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