Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why It Sucks to be a Junior

Warning/Disclaimer: This is a rant. If you don't feel like putting up with an angry Asian ranting about USA Cycling, then now would be a good time to find something else to read. Check out my other, more life-centered blog The Korean Opinion.

Damn it, USA Cycling! Had I known that I couldn't bring a 53x11 or any other gear ratio that pushes more than 26 gear-feet, I would have stuck to just triathlon for another year until I was 19 with no restrictions! But honestly, that shouldn't even be necessary. Come on, there's no real reason to restrict juniors. Maybe if the age groups were farther apart, like 12-18 year old racers instead of 17-18, but when the age divisions are divided by increments of two, you cannot honestly say that there's a huge difference in physiology.

I can push a 53x11 perfectly fine, thank you. I fail to understand why there's limits on the gear ratios, particularly when 90% of road racing bikes come equipped with an 11-25 cassette and a 53-39 crankset. In fact, I was debating moving up to a 56-44 Dura-Ace 7800 TT crankset to work on my strength in the off season. Screw that, no point now.

Thus, I will be racing as a nineteen year old, or not at all. It's either that or find a non sanctioned race. Blah.


PS: If anyone knows of any unsanctioned races in CO, kindly drop a comment in below.

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