Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sickness and a Life Lesson

I've been down and out. For a week, from training. I've missed meets, missed sessions, missed the hell out of my teammates. For a week, I've been coughing, and coughing, and coughing. Occasionally spitting up blood. My back and abdomen hurt from coughing so much. And it really still hasn't gone completely away. But I'm sick of being sick so I'm hopping back into training. It's not being sick that really bothers me. Being sick is an inconvenience. But missing training pisses me off. So I'm getting back on my feet, getting back in the pool, and I'll fight this off.

There's a lesson here: Keep going. And I think that's an overwhelming part of triathlon, of sports, of life in general. When you don't think you can go anymore, take one more step forward. When it isn't going your way, take a step forward. That's why triathlon is so appealing to people, why it's grown exponentially in popularity. Because it's a true test of humanity, not just physical fitness. It's a mental workout. People come to the finish line of an Ironman bent double because they've kept going, even when their body starts to shut down. Julie Moss inspired people in 1982 when they saw her fall in the last mile of the marathon, and crawled to the finish. She kept going. Will you?

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