Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TYR Cat 5 Wetsuit Review (Con't)

Not so long ago, I got a TYR Cat 5 wetsuit, and gave my first impressions. Because of weather and a full class load, I had been unable to swim in it until May 18th. I entered the Longmont Summer Open sprint-distance tri as a tune up race for Ironman Kansas 70.3, which I'll be racing in a week and a half.

My impression of the wetsuit: Very impressive. Very expensive for a beginner (at $650), but I love it. I must say, there is absolutely no difference with the so called "catch panels" as far as I'm concerned. I'm calling TYR out for a marketing gimmick, but hey, the placebo effect is probably enough to warrant them for the average Joe.

To be honest, I've never swam any open water race before. So to even have a wetsuit was a relief. The suit, as I mentioned in my previous post, is pretty darn tight. It's only gotten tighter on me as I've been swimming more, thus increasing the size of my shoulders and back. But it wasn't tight enough to cut off circulation or detriment my swimming in any way, so I'll let that sleeping dog lie.

I came out of the water in 11:02, which I consider slow for an 800 swim. But the wetsuit was not in any way at fault. Rather my lack of conditioning and technique was.

Bottom line: this suit is an all around performer. It was a little warm for the 70° water, but the buoyancy is excellent and the suit is tight in the right places. It's worthwhile to look on eBay if you're considering one (get one NWOT, like I did) because it is a pricey suit at $650.

Ed (6/11/13): Just did IM 70.3 KS. 71° water, slightly choppy, but tolerable. Wetsuit performed impeccably. 

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