Monday, June 3, 2013

A Typical Schedule

I get this a lot from friends: How do you manage to train for a sport where you have to do three different things well? And since I'm bored, starting to taper for Kansas, and bored (oh, wait)'s last week's training, taken directly from my training notebook.

Morning swim: 5x100 IM fast, 50 recovery between each
Afternoon bike: 60 minutes on the trainer, easy spinning

Morning bike: Hard 15 mile TT, almost race pace
Afternoon run: 3x600 fast, 200 recovery between each (1-1 ratio on time spent running hard/recovery)

Swim: 5x200 pink, red, pink, red, pink

Morning bike: easy 80 minutes spinning
Afternoon swim: 2000 easy/steady freestyle

Morning run: 3 miles, split into 1 mile hard, 1 easy, 1 hard
Afternoon run: 4 miles easy, striders to end

Morning run: ~6 miles hard at Devil's Backbone (local trail)

Afternoon swim: 1 mile OWS (open water swim) in Lake Loveland

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