Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm Back!

After a month long hiatus marked by weight gain (not the good kind), injury, vacation, and illness, I'm back! Some of the new things I've learned over the past month or so:

1. Adidas Energy Boost is here to stay. Contrary to what many people (myself included) thought, Energy Boost is much more than a fad. When I first heard of this new tech, I thought marketing gimmick. It gives energy back? Please. But with a new midsole design made with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) vs EVA foam found in most shoes, Adidas has hit the jackpot. I have yet to try a pair, they run $140. But I've talked to more than a few, including several former collegiate athletes (translation: still serious runners), who have run north of 800 miles in them. That alone makes me want to try them. Combined with results from the Runners' World lab confirming their claimed cushioning, this shoe now has serious ethos. Read the Runners' World review here. Additionally, I'm told by a sales rep from Boulder Running Company that the TPU midsole will be making it's way into most Adidas models, including my beloved Adios 2 racing flats.

2. It's true, occasionally I can run faster than a bike. My former cross country put out a challenge to me. I'm known as more of a cyclist, he's an Olympic trials marathoner. There's a hill around here that he thought he could race me up and beat me. It didn't happen, he got injured and is riding a bike around now, but there's another infamous hill around these parts called Maniac. And as luck would have it, the USA Pro Challenge went up it Saturday. And believe it or not, I kept up with (by his own admission) an out of shape Chris Froome from Team Sky, running with a friend and a banana costume on.

3. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. I've learned this lesson too many times, but I'm still in the mode where either I don't care enough to bring calories with me during a workout, or I'm simply negligent and forget. Either way, I need to learn to time workouts around meals so can get something in before the carbohydrate window closes.

I'm off to college in a few days, but I'll do my best to keep this up. Stay tuned for an Energy Boost review!

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