Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Building a Base...With a Base

I was recently forced, through injury and inconvenience, to take some time off of running. I literally started to go crazy...
"But when I say that you'll miss one little interval workout...well then everyone just loses their minds!"
So, after a few weeks of not running, I'm back to running pretty regularly. However, my level of fitness is not what it once was. Where I used to be able to run 5:20 pace for the better part of most of my interval workouts, now I struggle with 5:40. Where I was running 50 miles a week, I'm doing something like 30 now. So I need to build a foundation again before I can even hope to get back to speed work. Remember the parable of the houses presented in the Bible? One man builds his house on the sand, one builds it on the rock. I'm in the sand right now, and I don't want to be swept away by the flood of spring races come next year. So I'm trying to put in my base miles now, before the snow falls and I'm stuck on a treadmill.

Enter Skora. I won't bore you with the background on the company, you can read it in my review of the Form and the Phase. Minimal brand, pretty awesome. The Base is the younger brother of the Form, which I reviewed all the way back in May. Same R01 platform, which is made up of rubber and EVA foam. The ride is slightly more cushioned than the Phase and its brother, the Core, because they both are built on the R02 platform, which is all injected blown rubber.

Like all Skora shoes, the Base is designed to be worn with or without socks, something I especially enjoy as a lazy college student who has much better things to do than laundry, like procrastinate by writing this review in lieu of an actual dissertation on Darwin and Paley. Skora recommends going down a half size from what would be your size in any other Skora shoe, and though it confounds me as to why fit is not ubiquitous along the entire range of their shoes, I would definitely recommend going down a half size because the fit is very roomy.

The Base is a lot like the Form in its ride characteristics, but it looks nothing like it. The Form looked pretty radical to me when I first got the shoes, what with the asymmetric lacing, goat leather upper and what not.
Pretty radically different, right?
The Base looks like a water shoe or something you see Grandma going to exercise class in, albeit in a brighter, more ostentatious fashion. The velcro has become a major point of contention for me, because it's about 2 inches long and an inch wide, which doesn't leave much room for adjustment. However, it's well worth that one sticking point, because to me, running in it is almost exactly like running in the Form, but it runs $85 less. It is now the shoe I reach for most often, what with my Forms gone.

The TriLoveland verdict: When the fit is dialed, the Base rivals the Form, which is my all time favorite shoe. The $99 isn't the cheapest option out there, but I would also be hard pressed to find a huge difference in ride between the Base and the $185 Form.

The Base retails for $99.99 and can be purchased at

Disclaimer: I'm now a Skora Ambassador. As such, I carry the responsibility of expanding the brand. Rest assured, I will continue to give my honest opinion of all products I test, but I feel it is only right to let you, the reader, be informed of such circumstances.

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