Monday, September 16, 2013

Going Back to High-Drop

When my Skora Forms died on me (see my review here) in the last part of August, I was a little perturbed. I hadn't ordered new shoes, partially because the wear seemed insignificant (despite them having nearly 1,100 miles on them) and I thought the might last another couple months. Not the case, and due to my extremely poor planning and the fact that I had to leave the state of Colorado for college in Iowa on the 31st of August, I'm currently stuck with a pair of Nike LunarFly 3s that I bought a year or so ago just to bum around in.
Compare this (good).... this (ugh, bad, blah, gross)  

The high heel-toe drop has made me extremely conscious of how I'm use to running, that is: on my forefoot with proper form. All my joints are rather tender now because the high drop and extreme cushioning is messing with my form. Even though I've run in a moderate drop before, it's pretty strange to heel-strike. In fact, I've been going barefoot as often as possible when I'm running on a track and sucking it up when I hit an errant rock or two.

Remember: Without your form, there is no base for efficient, pain-free running. Run real, my friends. Run real.

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