Saturday, November 9, 2013

Do Something for Yourself

Here in Small Town, Iowa, it's become rather difficult for me to stay in shape. I'll be the first to admit that between a pretty heavy class load, the Caf and student housing, and not enough hours in the day, I'm losing shape and gaining weight. By my estimation, I've put on at least 4 kilos. I didn't bring a bike here and the pool has some strange hours because the swim team seems to constantly be in the facility, so I'm very behind where I should be for my 2014 season base building.

But no matter the day, I try to find the time (and I'm not always successful) to do something active. We have a culture here (yes, culture) around Ultimate Frisbee. I've found solace in that. No matter how bad the day, no matter how many assignments I have waiting on my desk, I find a sort of peace in removing myself from the outside world and throwing the disc.
I don't recommend it, but if riding a seal is your thing...
It's the same solace I found in burying myself on the bike. I enjoy suffering, that's the realization I've come to. I relish in searing lungs, a racing heart, and burning legs. The lack of oxygen in the pool was euphoric (to a point, I'm not encouraging you to stick your head under water until you black out or see unicorns), the pain in my legs was exhilarating.

So every day, I relish the opportunity to go out and be in pain. One of my uncle's favorite sayings is, "We're using acute pain to avoid chronic pain" when he describes his workouts on a TRX. For me, with young joints and healthy bones, chronic pain isn't measured in years. It may be down the road, but for me, it's painful to see a deteriorating shape. Muscles being wasted. So I try to go out every day and put myself in acute pain to avoid this chronic pain.

I think we should all do this for ourselves. To try and put yourself in acute pain to avoid pain down the road. Find your zen in it. Love the pain, embrace the pain. And realize that you're doing it for you.

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