Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Benefit of Off Season Activity

Many people have concluded their seasons by now, if not, they will soon. There are a few smaller races and Ironman Arizona this weekend, but many top pros have ended their seasons, and kicked their feet up for a few weeks before beginning their build up for next season.

Similarly, most age groupers have ended their seasons, not including those crazy cyclocross racers. (Side note: Honestly, who bikes and runs? Wait a second....) Regardless, the season is over for most of us, unless you're racing Arizona this weekend. But that doesn't mean that you should snuggle up with a blanket and sip hot chocolate by the fire this winter.

My off season, which was far longer than any professional and many age groupers, used to go something like this: Kick my feet up, do almost no physical activity for six weeks or so, maybe start doing some light biking and swimming around mid-December. Follow that up by taking another week or two off around Christmas and New Years, make a New Year's Resolution to get back in shape for the upcoming season, and feel horrible in training for the next month while working off the kilos. The worst feeling in the world, in my opinion, is getting back in swimming shape.

Over the last couple years, I've learned some things. And now, instead of just kicking my feet up, I engage in some off season activity. Not necessarily swim, bike, run, but now instead of being stagnant for almost two months after I end my season, I'll take the time I would have used in season to train seriously and play pick up basketball or Ultimate Frisbee. And last season, instead of feel like absolute sh*t when I got back to training for a specific goal, I didn't feel too bad. I wasn't in peak condition, but I wasn't back to square one like I had been in previous years.

The take away here goes back to my last post: Do something for yourself. Enjoy yourself in the off season, indulge in some things you wouldn't in season (donuts are a personal favorite), but don't let yourself go off the edge to the deep end of laziness and inactivity. You'll thank yourself when you start the buildup for next season.

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