Friday, January 31, 2014

Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris First Impressions

My friends joke that I spend too much time shopping/looking at shoes. My response: The correct number of shoes to own is N+1 where N is the number of shoes that are currently owned. So with that in mind, and a pair of shredded Nikes in hand, I hit up to look for a new pair. I knew several things. I wanted semi-minimal, something I hadn't had in my lineup for a while. The long run space is taken up by my Newton Gravity. My pure minimal, off road shoe is the Skora Phase. My racing flat is the Adidas Adios 2. The last pair of semi minimal shoes I owned were the Brooks PureFlow 2, which I basically swooned over (you can read the full review here). But I really do enjoy trying new things and after looking around, I decided to give the Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris a try.

Mizuno has entered the minimal market with two models, the Evo Cursoris and the Evo Levitas. The Evo Cursoris is a slightly softer, more cushioned model, while the Levitas is designed as racing flat with more cushion than the Wave Universe (one of the lightest shoes of all time at 3.1 ounces).
A lot of people have raved over this shoe, and after three shorter runs (3.2, 4.7, and 5.1) I can understand some of the hype. It is ultra soft. I mean, this thing is like the Nike Pegasus of minimal shoes. It's like running on a pillow. However, I have some gripes too. The heel, I've found, is rather loose and that alone has meant that I'm not quite comfortable running faster than about a 7:00 mile. I suspect that some of the issues in the Cursoris would be solved in the Levitas, so that may be the next shoe I buy.
As you can see, the Levitas has a heel cup, something I think that the Cursoris would really benefit from to lock the heel down. The other issue I had is the tongue and it's relationship with the lacing. The tongue is massive. With most shoes, this wouldn't bother me, but with the Cursoris it does because it's not sewn into the side. Combine that with some questionable lacing and you can have a nightmare on your hands. Is that a decisive issue? Not in my opinion. It is polarizing when it comes to racing. For example, I would say that this is a shoe that I would be comfortable running double digit miles in. And because it's so soft, it could potentially be an Iron distance shoe but because of those small issues, I wouldn't feel comfortable running a half to full marathon distance, even though the upper is perfectly comfortable. But take your time lacing the Cursoris up and it's a wonderful long run shoe. 

The Cursoris retails for $120 but is $49.99 on because it's been discontinued. If you're looking into trying a semi minimal shoe, I would highly encourage grabbing a pair before they're gone!

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