Sunday, February 9, 2014

Evo Cursoris Update

I thought I'd take some time today to write a more in depth review of the Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris that I previewed earlier this month (and procrastinate doing some of my statistics homework). Take a look here for some of my initial thoughts after running about 14 miles total in the shoes.

If you've forgotten, here's what the shoes look like:
It's a pretty darn good looking shoe if you ask me. And even if I don't run more than 100 miles in them, they'll definitely stay in my every day rotation because I think they look freaking sweet (there's the 18 year old college student in me coming out).

In my initial review, I griped about the lack of a heel counter/heel cup/heel-anything that could help lock down my heel. That hasn't changed, if anything, my feelings about that have intensified. In fact, while it's may not be a deal breaker for some, it's definitely become such a nuisance that it would be for me. Had I had the time to try both shoes in the Wave Evo line (the Levitas has a heel cup), I'm about 99.99% sure that I would have gone with the Levitas.

As the shoe has broken in, however, I've discovered that my fears about the lacing have become less and less of an issue. Initially, I had to agree with what other runners have blogged or posted in forums, the Cursoris lacing is hit and miss. It had a tendency to be either way too tight and create uncomfortable hot spots or it was too loose and the my foot wasn't locked down. That has changed with time, now I just stay conscious of the fact that if I lace them up too quickly, I may encounter those issues.

Don't get me wrong, this shoe has a lot of endearing qualities. It is still the same pillow-soft shoe that greeted me on my first run. But would I buy these shoes again? Probably not. For some, the large tongue, lacing issues, and lack of a heel cup will not be a huge deal. For the rest, look elsewhere.

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