Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Stuff: TriTips and More

In an effort to remain more consistent in posting things on this blog, I've decided to start a new style of post. Rather than writing long, arduous posts every other week or so (see, I don't even know), I'm going to make an effort to come up with a daily tip for triathletes, runner, cyclists, swimmers, etc. Heck, I may include a few tips for ultimate frisbee players.

Also, I was going to try to get out and try some of the new Skins compression socks, since I think they'll have a longer life and better resiliency than my beloved 2XU calf sleeves. However, I was hit with a $45 parking fine for being in a "permit required" zone at CSU, a whole ten minutes before it became free parking. So I'll hold off on that for now.

And, if you're wondering about the Adidas Boost shoes that I said I was going to review, I lied. Well, not exactly lied, but I never got around to it. Why? Because I tried them on at Runners' Roost, my preferred supplier for all my running gear, and decided that they didn't fit as well as the Adios 2 did. That $140 price tag suddenly looked a lot less appealing. On a side note: If anyone wants to send me some new or low mileage Boost to run in and review, I'll be more than happy to accept donations!

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