Monday, April 14, 2014

Revamping TriTips (And TriTip #16)

After receiving some feedback from you wonderful readers, I've decided to cede to the requests and make each new TriTip an independent post. This should eliminate you, the readers, having to go back and find the older post every time I update it with new tips. FrisTips and others will also remain.

With that said:

TriTip #16: Emulate, Emulate. This is actually something that we all do unconsciously, but it deserves more attention. When I started running cross country, I had no idea about what the proper form looked like. No one had ever really told me. So I looked at my coach, who is a 52 year old marathoner, Olympic Trials and Boston Marathon qualifier, and very experienced runner. I watched him for a couple practices and then started to try to emulate his form, with a fast foot strike, shorter strides, and fast arms. I immediately got faster, because good form means that less energy is wasted compensating for bad form and can be utilized instead to propel you forward.

Now, I consciously look at other people who I know are more experienced. Be it at Frisbee practice, watching someone who can huck the disc farther than me or watching some film of the Ironman World Championship, seeing how Rinny Carfrae runs, I try to emulate those who are better because doing so makes me a better athlete as well.

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